Trans Panic Takes to New Heights

I suppose that it’s a testament to just how effective the trans panic defense is perceived to be at swaying public sympathy and potential jury favour that it can be levelled at people who are merely trans by association.

In 2006, Grace Soon set fire to the home of her estranged husband, former church minister Stephen Chin, killing him.  She is now facing charges of mansalughter, the case being heard by the Supreme Court in New South Wales, Australia.

Her defense is focusing on the humiliation and hurt she experienced as a result of Chin’s dalliances with transsexual prostitutes, during one of which (in 1999), he experienced a fall that left him a quadriplegic.  Another incident resulted in the infecting of Soon with venereal disease.  This history is being referred to as “exceptional and compelling” evidence of the emotional trauma that Soon was experiencing when she’d committed the act.

The couple had already been seperated for seven years by the time the arson occurred, and the trigger most likely was the fact that Soon felt her property was being threatened by Chin’s filing for divorce.  But wow, it’s the “wholly extraordinary circumstances” of the case that has the defense claiming that the 20 months already served has been long enough and Soon deserves to be released.

Considering the planning that had taken place, carefully determining when Chin’s caregivers were off the premises, counting on his limited mobility, and the use of trans hysteria by association to attempt to weasel out of a manslaughter conviction of any significance, trans panic has hit a new high.

Or low, as the case may be.

One thought on “Trans Panic Takes to New Heights”

  1. Uh, you might be seeing trans panic where there isn’t any.

    Visiting prostitutes without your wife’s knowledge or consent will put a strain on any marriage. Giving her an STD you got by cheating on her has little chance not to make her hate you. Some abled people are unable to deal with their spouse’s new disability and resent being forced to “take care” of them. I understand why she would snap. Not that I approve of it, but I can’t swear I wouldn’t.

    She planned it? Sure. Long-term hatred will make you do that. Actually, if she had killed him without planning and then claimed to have acted on a moment’s impulse, I’d be suspicious.

    The fact that the prostitutes were transsexual might be relevant in that some people care about the gender of whom their spouses cheat on them with, but it doesn’t even count as a straw on this camel’s back.

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