REAL Women Selectively Oppose Human Rights?

Before being deposed by the current minority Conservative government, the federal Liberals began work on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, to be built in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the building is underway and the Advisory Committee is being developed to oversee what is to be included, an organization called REAL Women of Canada has rushed to conservamedia to complain that 11 of the 16 advisors chosen have been linked to feminism and may also not be homophobic. We wouldn’t want womens’ rights and LGBT rights to be considered human rights, after all.

To this end, they’re pushing far right organizations to flood the museum administration and Conservative Government with letters and emails, “to take part in the consultations to ensure that a wider diversity of human rights concerns are included,” such as:

1. the rights of the unborn,
2. the rights of non-conformist family-oriented women and girls who don’t adhere to radical feminist ideologies,
3. the rights of men who have been marginalized while feminist special interest groups have taken center stage in Canadian policy.

REAL (Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life) Women of Canada is a non-governmental, non-denominational Canadian organization that claims special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. They don’t discourage women from working (that’s not an economic possibility for many families nowadays anyway), but have a mandate that still favours homemaking and idealizes domesticity where possible. Their mission statement says, “We come from all walks of life, occupations, social and economic backgrounds. Some members work full or part time outside the home, while some mainly work in the home. We represent a broad spectrum of Canadian women who, until our formation, did not have a public forum in which to express their views.”

Views that once you dig further are actively anti-abortion, anti-LGBT and anti-feminism. Though non-denominational, they’ve cited biblical doctrines on occasion and networked closely with Catholic and Evangelical organizations (such as, a Catholic-influenced media arm of Campaign Life Coalition). Of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, they warn:

“Clearly, it is to serve as a propaganda device to promote and affirm feminist/homosexual ideology and a left-wing interpretation of human rights as “progress” in Canada. Such “progress” would include abortion on demand, lesbian/homosexual rights and benefits, pay equity, affirmative action and the denigration of men whom feminists regard as dangerous because of the “patriarchal” society. Feminist “human rights” breakthroughs in family law, in regard to custody and access and in sexual assault, pursuant to which men have been severely undermined, will also undoubtedly be included in the museum displays.”

Maybe it’s just me, but women who oppose pay equity and legal victories for women relating to custody and access in sexual assault completely boggle my mind. Even Affirmative Action gets dissected and criticized by REAL as “reverse discrimination against qualified males as well as minority groups such as ethnics and native people.” Indeed, the “rights of men who have been marginalized” by feminism ranks high in the mandate. One can’t help but think of the conservative joy at being able to prop up women like Sarah Palin to advance patriarchal and anti-woman agendas.

If you are Canadian and this isn’t your idea of what’s best for real women, keep in mind that the activist machine is being mobilized to colour the complexion of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. You’re well within your right to contact them too, and commend them for acknowledging ALL human rights struggles, rather than selectively deleting women and gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans persons for not aligning with certain ideologies.

Members of Parliament contact info:

To contact the Museum:

Canadian Museum for Human Rights
269 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1B3

(204) 289-2000
Outside of Winnipeg region
Fax (204)289-2001

Web page contact form

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2 thoughts on “REAL Women Selectively Oppose Human Rights?”

  1. It is not surprising that a group like REAL women selectively campaign for human rights of some but not all. When reading this post I had to keep reminding myself I was reading a post about a Canadian women’s group and not one in Australia called Endeavour Forum (EF). Endeavour Forum is a group of women who believe feminism is an unnatural set of beliefs. Endeavour forum “was set up to counter feminism, defend the unborn and the traditional family.” Like REAL, Endeavour Forum doesn’t totally discount the idea of women working but ideally the role of ‘child-rearer’ and ‘homemaker’ should be roles which achieve an equality akin to women who work outside of the home. According to EF, the inequality between these roles is due to feminism being overly influential; both at a social and governmental level which they belief has seen the passing of legislation to appease feminist demands.

    Endeavour Forum is also a group that uses biblical doctrines as a strong contributor to their ideas and beliefs. They recognise “the contribution made by the Christian ethic in raising the status of women.” By this we can assume they also strongly rely on biblical doctrines to inform all of their theory and ideas. Another similarity is the belief that men are now discriminated against, in work, education and within the traditional family.

    ‘Dented Blue Mercedes’ you are certainly not alone in wondering how women can oppose feminist victories. Victories that have seen a lot of energy and emotion to achieve the rights and liberties that these women continue to fight against. Groups of women like Endeavour Forum and REAL show that anti-feminism can be just as influential with women as men and sometimes women can be more effective in voicing their opposition to feminism.

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