Tim Horton’s Sponsors Anti-SSM Event in the US

Update: That was quick.  Tim’s has withdrawn its sponsorship.

Original post:

Canadian donut franchise Tim Horton’s is sponsoring Marriage Day in Rhode Island.  This “Marriage Day,” as it turns out, is organized by the National Organization for Marriage, and in case there was any confusion, they loudly declare “This is a great opportunity to take a stand for marriage as God ordained it.”  As in, protecting heterosexuals from having to share the rights and privileges of marriage with same sex couples.

It’s very unlikely that there could have been any confusion about the event, as it’s being put on by an anti-gay organization and two churches involved in local lobbying against same-sex marriage, and features a worship music concert.

Change.org has already launched a petition on the matter.  At the very least, Tim Horton’s needs to clarify whether it actively opposes same-sex marriage.  Some Canadians might consequently want to reconsider spending their money there.


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