Beautiful Blogger

The Beautiful Blogger Award
Helen Boyd at en|gender surprised me with a nomination as a Beautiful Blogger.
It’s an honour to be selected.  Thank you!
As outlined there are responsibilities that come with this honour:
  1. thank the person who chose you.
  2. link to her site.
  3. put award on blog.
  4. enumerate 7 interesting things about myself.
  5. choose 7 other people to be Beautiful Bloggers.
The interesting things might be tough.  Personally, I find myself dreadfully boring.  So I don’t know if these qualify as interesting, but:
  1. I get tremendously suspicious — not paranoid so much as just having worked online enough to be security conscious (and fortunately have not learned the hard way).  Consequently, I had to look into the award and who oversees it (not Helen, but the originator of the award).  I traced it back to whose parent URL seems to be a (currently offline) dating site.  It’s possible that the award had begun as a data-mining (for email addresses, probably, for mailing lists) effort, so if these things come in, be careful where you enter information.  However, as no email or personal data is currently being passed on to anyone in the way this is being handled now, it gets the Mercedes seal of approval, and returned to the spirit in which it was given, which I know was with the friendliest and best of intentions.
  2. I’m tremendously shy.  I’m a closet wallflower with an attitude.  While I’ve done some public speaking for a long time, I don’t think I’ll ever become an old hand at it.
  3. Writers I’d credit for challenging me in formative years: Patrick Califia, Umberto Eco, Anais Nin, Alan Moore, Thomas Pynchon.  I don’t know that I can live up to those legacies, though.
  4. I have a long track history of destroying my work (writing and art) the moment I get near to success with something, and have purged at the brink probably five times, all before transition.  I don’t know if I will do the same now that I’ve settled into a life that fits.
  5. Funniest memory of earliest advocacy: In 1988, this little Edmonton inner-city program opened up in a former restaurant that had been operating in a former church.  While it was still settling into place, it had a sign outside that read “Mustard Seed Faith Church — Fully Licensed.”  It stayed like that for nearly 2 weeks….
  6. The name “Mercedes” (or more accurately, “Mercy”) was given to me by some folks in the trans community, at first was an embarrassment, then flattering — the end didn’t work out so well though.
  7. I also tend to like to be very specific.  Consequently, I want to outline how I’m defining “beautiful blogger” here as I pass this forward: a beautiful spirit, confident, imaginative, dedicated, driven, motivated, filled with integrity and committed to honestly challenging people and ideas.
So now, seven people I’d choose as Beautiful Bloggers (and assuming that I can’t nominate people who’ve been previously nominated):
  1. Zoe Brain
  2. Jillian Page
  3. Tobi Hill Meyer
  4. Pam Spaulding and the barristas (can I do that?) at Pam’s House Blend
  5. (remembering that beauty is not gender specific) Ethan St. Pierre
  6. Donna Rose
  7. While I can think of more deserving people for here, I’m going to be selfish and save a spot for my partner, who diaries rather than blogs, and who keeps me together in ways she doesn’t realize.

Thank you again to Helen, readers here and informal family folks in the webverse.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger”

  1. Dear Mercedes, you certainly are a beautiful blogger.
    You have enriched my life in so many ways. Thank you for being
    there and for the work you do.
    I am also honored that you have selected me as one of your seven
    choices for beautiful blogger. Thank you.


  2. I agree with Ethan. I’m glad Helen chose you! And I’m glad you chose my friend Jillian, whom I have not yet met but whom I hope to meet when I am in Montreal a little over a week from now. I’ve been reading her blog for quite a while.

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