Autumn Recounts DADT Arrest and Trans Detainee Treatment

On Tuesday April 20th, Autumn Sandeen of Pam’s House Blend joined five other US military veterans who chained themselves to the White House fence in protest of continuing discharges under that country’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.  Today, she recounts the details of her arrest and treatment as a transgender detainee by federal law enforcement officers.  The story is also cross-posted to DailyKos, where the comments could get fairly heated, and is worth checking out for those who wish to lend their verbal support.

Her experiences shed light on some of the ongoing difficulties faced by transgender inmates.  She is fortunate in that she escaped some of the harsher hardships that can occur with a long stay — violence, rape, deprivation of hormones and medical care, sometimes isolation.  But the terror one experiences in such situations can’t be underestimated.  She took an enormous risk.  We’re very relieved that she is okay.

Brave, brave girl.

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