C-389 “I Have An Agenda”

I’m not usually big on self-promotion, but Xtra was kind enough to post a commentary, entitled “I Have An Agenda.”  It opens:

I have an agenda. I do. Don’t call it a “hidden” agenda, because I don’t bother to hide it. Whether it’s an “evil” agenda is up to the beholder. And when I call it “my” agenda, it’s because I know I can only speak for myself — although I’m sure that many others will share it….

Feel free to hop on over and have a read.

Bill C-389 comes up for its first hour of discussion at Third Reading tomorrow (I don’t know what time, yet, although MP Bill Siksay reports that it will be around 5:30 Eastern).  I believe ParlVU will have the webcast.  He adds:

“The second hour won’t be scheduled until after Tuesday, but is likely to happen in late February or early March. There will be a final vote on the bill after the second hour of debate. There is still time to lobby MPs to support of the bill.”

So there we are.  Parliament will be taking a break on the 17th and returning on January 31st.  Don’t stop sending those letters.

Also, Egale Canada has posted an action alert calling for members and allies to contact their MPs as well.



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