Censorship! But only if it’s us!

It seems that Canadians are starting to play into Charles McVety’s victimhood claims.  It’s not surprising when Lifesite parrots the claim, or even the National Post, but when the average Canadian blogger is echoing the censorship cry, then it’s obvious that people really don’t pay attention.

MgS provided an excellent dissection of what it actually was that earned the ruling from the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (link goes to the voluminous text of their decision) that brought about McVety’s downfall (although it should be noted that it was CTS that decided to pull his program from their channel, not the CBSC) — and it wasn’t simply a case of voicing objections to homosexuality, as it seems to be painted.

Consequently, people seem to be buying into McVety’s complaints about being “unfairly censored.”  Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite, I suppose.

Of course, this past October, the Conservative government buckled to pressure from Charles McVety and disinvited Imam Zijad Delic from speaking at a Department of Defense event for Islamic History Month (and possibly had the event cancelled altogether?) despite the fact that the Imam is a reputable man, not an extremist.  McVety’s rhetoric:

“Was the Delic invitation facilitated by associates of the Canadian Islamic Congress or other radical Muslim elements operating from within National Defence headquarters itself? Something has gone wrong, and we ask fair-minded Canadians to call upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper to fully investigate this serious security failure.”

Charles McVety has very vocally opposed a sex education curriculum and anti-bullying education because kids might have to acknowledge the existence of gay people and be taught that they deserve respect.

He has opposed granting human rights to transsexual and transgender people using a fictional argument about washroom predators to scare people and shout down the idea of allowing trans people to work, live and access services without fear of marginalization or violence just because of who they are.

By the way, the secret trans agenda has been exposed: “I’m not afraid of these beliefs, although it’s not exactly heartwarming to hear those things said about you and people like you. But people are free to believe and say those things. I only ask that those attitudes not be seen as justification for denying me work, access to services, housing or other forms of participation in society. The vehemence of those words, though, underscores that there are people out there who would not think twice about doing exactly that.”

McVety’s Canada Family Action Coalition has a long history of calling for censorship of viewpoints they don’t share, including his demanding that a Canadian adult broadcasting network have its license revoked, in 2008.  These people are not really about free speech, and I’m sure they’d gladly have this blog and half the Internet censored, given half the chance, in order to silence the “homosexual agenda,” the “feminist agenda,” the “liberal / socialist agenda,” and such.  Charles McVety did not fall victim to the “thought police,” Charles McVety is a member of the thought police, who crossed broadcasting standards by grossly and repeatedly lying outright, for which he was reprimanded. For this, his network dropped his show, and was rather hush about it, so that people could draw their own conclusions.

So puhleeeeez, stop making him out to be a martyr for free speech.

And when people like Timothy Bloedow parrot the censorship whining and in the same breath bemoan the fact that a kids’ book was published about having two dads, calling it “explicit” (another right-winger posted the entire thing: you be the judge how “explicit” it is), it becomes obvious that the rest of the Christian Nationalists aren’t a whole lot better about double-standards.

8 thoughts on “Censorship! But only if it’s us!”

  1. I see that the National Post has pulled Kay’s column … interesting – it must have been pretty rancid to be consigned to the memory hole so quickly.

  2. But of course he’s wrong and his followers are wrong and everybody jumping on the bandwagon are wrong. Censorship is only Censorship when it’s a Government body doing it. When it’s a private group such as, oh shall we say the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council for example, then it is by definition not Censorship.

    And just to add to McVety’s hypocrisy, Censorship is exactly what he wants. He wants all us gays and “sexual deviants” to be Censored right off the map. He wants us all Outlawed because that’s what he thinks his invisible friend told him to go and fight for.

    1. And that’s not even getting into his ongoing crusade to defund Toronto Pride and regular whining that the event is “allowed” to exist….

  3. Update: McVety’s WordTV will be back on the air on CTS starting this Sunday. Episodes will be pre-screened, but there’s no indication by whom.

    1. Presumably by CTS officials – since it was them who got the swatting about from the CBSC, not McVety personally. Offhand, I’d imagine that they don’t want to go through the same thing twice. It’s probably cost them a pretty penny.

  4. Charles McVety has numerous other controversies swirling about him. One of particular note, is his claim to have a PhD. In the past, people looking into his ‘doctorate’ , when contacting the California educational facility he claims awarded him the degree, which isn’ accredited by the state; their calls are answered by folks with a poor grasp of English & they end up with very little in the way of information other than the self evident: his stated alma mater has no degree granting status. In ordinary circumstances this might pass as simply an attempt to beef up ones curriculum vitae. This, however, is a man hell bent on negatively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians with distortions of religion & outright lies & slander. With him & the numerous groups & individuals who use the same type of unethical & unseemly tactics; it is time for truth & responsibility to stand up & declare, “the emperor has no clothes.”

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