C-389 Update

Initial reports said that Bill C-389 — which would extend legal protections to transsexual and transgender Canadians — would be going to second reading in the Senate on Tuesday the 15th.  As someone who repeated those reports, I’d like to clarify them.

The bill could go to third reading as early as today, but there are still efforts underway to find someone to table the bill and chart a course.  No specific day has been scheduled as of yet.

In the meanwhile, Canadian trans folks are encouraged to lobby the Senate.  Contact information and a sample letter can be found at transrights.ca

It’s important that they hear your stories, understand how discrimination can and does impact our lives, and see how important it is to pass this bill.

And thank you to everyone who speaks up!

3 thoughts on “C-389 Update”

  1. Yesterday I received positive responses from a Liberal and Conservative Senator, so it’s not ‘game over’ quite yet.


    1. Yes. There have been a number of positive responses that people have received thus far. I don’t know how it tallies in terms of numbers, but the pessimism expressed in a Globe and Mail editorial might be misguided and premature.

      Let’s hope that time is on our side.

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