Cynicism, Coalitions and Contempt

Is it just me, or is it more than a little condescending to predicate your whole re-election strategy on the idea that Canadians find it a bother to vote? Because that’s what has happened in the Government of Harper: this has been shaped as a race between Sir Stephen and the spectre of having to vote again in a few years.  Oh save us, oh great and holy one!

Don’t get me wrong: going to the polls four times in seven years just for the feds alone (plus probably at least four more for provincial and civic races) isn’t ideal either. But the idea that the worst crisis Canadians could face by failing to fork over a majority is to have to exercise their democratic rights again is incredibly cynical, if not insulting. How many times have we dreamed of the opportunity to recall our government, and throw the lot of them out altogether?  Harper’s attempts to drive the point home that actually doing so is discouraging and a bother shows contempt for the Canadian voter.

Especially when he’s not really against coalitions, if it means he can obtain power (h/t Enormous Thriving Plants):

But then, contempt is what started this whole process: an historic finding of being in contempt of Parliament — for failing to disclose necessary information in order for MPs to fulfill their roles as legislators.

So in the first week of the campaign, Harper would have us believe that we’d rather have someone who obstructs Parliament, who can be in contempt of it, who prorogues it to shut it down whenever things become politically challenging for him… instead of having the opportunity to have a say in the matter.

But then, if he wants to convince his own supporters how much of a bother it is to go to the polls, that’s entirely his prerogative, I suppose.  Just imagine….

“I’m gonna get in trouble for that one.”

Which says a little about who he fears more: the voters or the Christian Nationalists.

On May 2nd, vote.

Vote positive.  Ask the candidates if they’d support trans rights, and support those who do.

Chances are, you’ll have more than one in your race.

Not sure which party is closest to you ideologically?  Try the CBC’s Vote Compass.


2 thoughts on “Cynicism, Coalitions and Contempt”

  1. Harper is a liar and a hypocrite … I shudder to think what he’s hiding behind all of that bluster of his.

    To be sure, I won’t be voting for Harper … or any of his minions.

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