Trans human rights Bill C-279 Second Reading debate begins tomorrow

Second Reading for Bill C-279 comes up on Thursday April 5th, There will be an hour of debate at around 1:30 EST (11:30 MST). This is only the first part of Second Reading process, and there will likely be another hour of debate in May or possibly June. Three things could happen:

  1. The bill goes to committee (most likely the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights) and then returns for Third Reading,
  2. The bill skips committee stage and goes to Third Reading, or
  3. The bill is defeated on a vote.

If you haven’t called your MP’s office to arrange a meeting and let your representative know why he or she should support Bill C-279, there is still time.  And if I’m reading the calendar correctly, Parliament will be taking a 10-day break starting with the Easter weekend, during which they should likely be spending some time in their constituencies.

I’m optimistic about Second Reading.  Here’s why.

If you’re online, you should be able to watch the proceedings at

A more detailed links list will follow, but for now, here are Quick Facts about Bill C-279 (was Bill C-389).


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