3 thoughts on “Montreal LGBT couple beaten in Paris”

  1. Thank you for posting this Mercedes. Although it was truly a horrible attack, we and society at large needs to be aware we, especially those of us who are trans are never safe. Any Country, any city contains dangerous elements. I do hope the French authorities follow up on this and prosecute to the fullest possible extent. I myself am of French Canadian descent. It pains me to see this happen to my Canadien sisters and in France, however, we must stay visible and vigilant to gain our rights! I wish the Ladies a speedy recovery from this attack.

  2. This is just absolutely horrific. That no one stopped as these women were being beaten well… I just don’t have the words. My heart aches for their children who were forced to watch this and were powerless to help. I hope that they find those responsible and throw the book at them. No one ever deserves to be subject to violence.

  3. My God, such a heartless, inhumanity to do this to two women in front of their children. I am without words. I wish Marie Eve and Claire speedy recover. I hope their attackers are caught & brought to justice. Paris has cameras all over the place, were they identified??? My God….

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