One thought on “Offence as a Virtue”

  1. I think that it’s very important to note that the very first (and very mild) response to Moore’s unfortunate “Brazillian transsexual” remark was in fact not from a trans person, but from a cis woman. And in the horrid exchange which followed, the great majority of the twitterstorm (including the hate speech and the threats) was also from cis people. Here’s how it really happened:

    Moore blamed trans women for saying what a cis person said. Burchill blamed trans women for saying what cis people said.

    This important fact is getting lost in the Media’s invention of a “trans mafia” as fabricated by Burchill. This false narrative needs to be challenged whenever it comes up.

    As far as removing the piece goes, the Observer did the right thing. Well, they did the least bad thing. The Right Thing would have been for it to have died on the Editor’s desk. The Media is trying to hide the fact that Freedom of Speech does not include the absolute freedom to spout off hate speech with impunity. Certainly nobody would think twice about not allowing the KKK or Ernst Zundel to spew their racism in public, so the reason why the Media is even calling this “censorship” is the sad fact that trans people are still considered to be acceptable targets. We’re not “real” enough to be allowed the courtesy of protection from hatred that Burchill herself takes for granted, and actually hid behind when the backlash to her hatred hit.

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