2 thoughts on “Indiana put the lie to “religious freedom.” But Canadian Evangelicals hope you didn’t notice.”

  1. Ask a sex worker what they think of religious freedom. Most people don’t understand that there’s a HUGE evangelical movement made up of non profits which are rising up in droves with their hands out for gov and private funding all in the name of fighting sex trafficking. Thing is, it’s a big lie. There is no epidemic in forced prostitution as they propogate, there IS however an epidemic in POVERTY which is driving more people than ever before into sex work due to economic failure. This is very profitable for these faith based groups who set themselves up to work alongside law enforcement (how is this constitutional we don’t know) and in turn the narratives these groups are pushing is greatly helping to establish new laws supposedly to address trafficking but the TRUTH is that they are merely replacing The word prostitution with sex trafficking. But we have are just simply more of the same old vice operations. when people get arrested THATS what they call a rescue! Despite the number of non profits rising up to rescue sex workers- despite the rhetoric- there are no services being set up!! Most of the faith based orgs do not and are not required to publicly state their budgets or what the money is used for that they get from the gov or donations but from what we can SEE most of it goes to paying board members and marketing campaigns to ‘spread awareness’ meanwhile more people are being ARRESTED and their lives further destabilized. We have a crony capitalist venture comprised of a faith based non profit industrial complex feeding off of poor people who get arrested for trying to pay rent and feed themselves! It’s a lie disguised as a humanitarian effort to address sex trafficking! They are thus far getting away with it too! Who can argue with “let’s save the children from sex trafficking”? Few people dig beneath the warm fuzzies or they’d see the insidious truth!

    1. Absolutely. The rescue industry is rife with that, using donor money more to perpetuate stigma (because it justifies its existence) than anything else. There’s certainly no assistance of substance.

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