2 thoughts on “The Problem is Fundamentalism, Not Islam (or Christianity).”

  1. Christians don’t have to be fundamentalists to do a lot of damage. The Christians behind the last ten years of anti trafficking legislation see ALL prostitution including consensual prostitution between adults as trafficking and have been very successful in conflating trafficking with consensual erotic services so much so, that every vice operation is now being described as a sex trafficking operation. These laws are very damaging to the erotic service provider community as well as sex trafficking victims. A war is being waged against Porn and consensual erotic services while being dressed up as a campaign to abolish forced sex labor. I don’t think most people would describe the Christians affiliated with an array of anti trafficking and anti Porn non profits as being Christian fundamentalists. They are the middle and upper class women’s auxiliary’s, the United ways, and are the typical church groups you find throughout the United States. They don’t have to be religious extremists to be extreme about intolerance towards sex workers, porn performers, transgenders- don’t forget abortion rights- they simply presume to be entitled to control what other people do and don’t do with their own bodies.

    1. I agree! I wasn’t really thinking of this as the focus, although to be fair, I didn’t define the titular “problem.”

      Although I’d be tempted to see sex work opponents’ ideologies as a fundamentalist “ism” of a different (sex-negative) kind, as it’s just as similarly blind to individual realities and nuance.

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