3 thoughts on “REAL Women of Canada, and the naked far-right truth.”

  1. Thanks.

    There’s an update: RWoC is now saying that they didn’t really mean what they said. From the release ( http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/politics/inside-politics-blog/2013/08/real-women-responds-to-controversy-over-comments-on-baird-gay-rights-abroad.html ):

    REAL Women deplores the persecution of homosexuals and the jailing of individuals because of their orientation. This is not a newly minted policy. It was stated in our publication “Reality” – November, December, 2012:

    “Reasonable people would agree that homosexuals should not be tortured, jailed or killed merely because of their sexual orientation.”

    The group goes on to point out that Uganda does not have a death penalty (yet?), and that the violence in Russia is not government-mandated. In the process, they don’t comment on both bans (one pending, the other passed) on LGBT affirmation and advocacy, or the climate of violence that surrounds both pieces of legislation.

    Meanwhile, LifeSiteNews isn’t happy that Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has vowed to give serious consideration to LGBT refugees fleeing the violent and highly-charged social climate in Russia. They’ve posted Citizenship and Immigration contact info, so that readers can flood him with protest. ( http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/immigration-minister-canada-will-seriously-consider-refugee-claims-by-russi )

    And life goes on.

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